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Peter Chou used to be the CEO of technology firm HTC. Now he’s launched a startup called XRSpace, and unveiled its first virtual reality headset, the XRSpace Mova.

It’s lighter than many rivals, and is a ‘standalone’ headset like the Oculus Quest – which means it doesn’t need to be connected to a PC to run its games and applications.

One of its key features is the inclusion of 5G mobile connectivity – look away now, tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists – while another is its own virtual world called Manova, complete with avatars for people that Chou says are better than those on rival headsets.

“Today, one of the reasons why VR is not that exciting, is not getting that level of immersiveness, is that it’s lacking very good digital avatars. Today, most of the digital avatars are cartoonish and half body, really not something that we can call your ‘digital self.’ So what we really want to do is to let people really actually recognise this is you,” he told Engadget.

Manova will also have music-focused spaces, with the curation handled by partner telcos like Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan and Deutsche Telekom in Europe.

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