– the organisation pushing for gender equality in the music industry – is launching new virtual mentoring schemes for women and gender minorities in Italy and France.

The schemes will be supported by YouTube Music, and will recruit 12 mentees in each country who will them be paired with either a local or international mentor (they can choose which). Those wishing to be mentees and mentors have until 7 June to apply.

The successful applicants will then take part in one-to-one meetings between mentors and mentees and monthly coaching sessions between July and November, with all meetings happening online. There will also be sessions with guest experts and topics covered will include public speaking, negotiation techniques, impostor syndrome and more.

Depending on lockdown and social distancing rules in both countries, additional networking events may be added.

“Mentorship not only plays a key role in making or breaking careers in the music industry, it also cultivates a culture of collaboration, thus providing an excellent opportunity for us to further our mission”, said Andreea Magdalina, founder of

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