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Remember the great ‘Fake Artists‘ controversy of 2017? It emerged that some previously-unknown artists doing well on Spotify weren’t fakes: they were musicians signed to production music firm Epidemic Sound. A key part of its pushback at suggestions it had some kind of special deal with Spotify was the argument that its music was used by lots of YouTubers (including big stars) and that their fans would seek out the music on streaming services.

Anyway, this week Epidemic Sound has put a number to that, in an interview with online-video industry site Tubefilter. It claims that videos using its music tracks are watched 1.5bn times on YouTube every day, on “millions” of channels.

The piece also has some info on Epidemic Sound’s latest moves to hook up musicians and YouTubers – for example commissioning a short film about Swedish musician Ooyy made by YouTuber Peter McKinnon, and hiring YouTube painter and illustrator Minnie Small to create the album cover for Epidemic-signed artist Velvet Moon.

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