Spotify was ‘the audio platform with the highest daily engagement’ in the US last year, according to a new study by research firm Insider Intelligence. How is that measured? By daily minutes spent listening. The study claims that this metric jumped from just under eight minutes in 2018 for Spotify to just over 10 minutes in 2019. And yes, this sounds very low: it’s the average time spent across the US adult population, including people who don’t use Spotify.

Insider Intelligence says that Spotify overtook fellow streaming service Pandora on this metric in 2019, and that Spotify will in 2020 account for 12.7% of US ‘digital audio time’. In other news, famous app-cracker Jane Manchun Wong appears to have spotted another new Spotify feature in testing. It’s called ‘Offline User Mix’, which appears to be a version of Spotify’s personalised ‘Daily Mix’ playlists designed to be downloaded and listened to offline – which the ‘Daily Mix’ playlists still can’t be without a spot of manual copying and pasting.

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