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Sit down for this shocker: children spend quite a lot of time on YouTube and TikTok! Who knew? Next thing, someone will be telling us that they quite like Fortnite too. But no snark: a company called Qustodio, whose product is a parental control app, has been digging into its data to quantify exactly how much time kids are spending on YouTube and TikTok in the US, UK and Spain. You can read its report here, which is based on anonymised data from 60,000 families across those three countries.

The battle between the two platforms is the key point. “Kids now spend an incredible 85 minutes a day on YouTube,” reported Qustodio. “On average kids now spend 80 minutes a day on TikTok.” They also spend around an hour a day playing video games.

In the US and UK, the most popular game by this study is Roblox followed by Minecraft, but bear in mind this is based on analysis of what children are doing on smartphones and tablets, not games consoles. Fortnite is available for all those devices, but consoles are its main stomping ground.

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