Deepr goes deeper on metadata as a ‘Shazam on steroids’


Music recognition app Shazam had its rivals in the past, but they trailed in its wake up to and beyond its acquisition by Apple, which completed in 2018. Now a new challenger is stepping forward: startup Deepr, whose founders pitched it to the Hypepotamus website as “Shazam on steroids”.

It has launched apps for Android and iOS, which can identify music that’s playing in the user’s physical environment, but then also serve a ‘Deepr View’ of the songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers involved in the song/track. It will also generate playlists based on those collaborators, with users able to sign in using Spotify and Apple Music.

Deepr also has a portal called the ‘Independent Creator Credit Program’, where independent creators can pay ($0.99 per song, $6.99 for 15 or $49.99 for 150) to submit their credits for inclusion in its database.

Deepr has raised $300k in pre-seed funding and is seeking another $1.7m – and also hoping to inspire future founders. “As an African-American business owner from Detroit, the birthplace of Motown, I believe it is very important to our culture for young boys and girls to see founders of colour running the tech companies behind the music,” co-founder Darrell Thompson told Hypepotamus.

Written by: Stuart Dredge