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Livestreamed concerts can be great for reach as free events, but can they be money-spinners for artists as paid events? There’s a lot of experimentation going on around this, and Laura Marling’s recent concerts broadcast from London’s Union Chappel venue were being watched as a key case study: the £12 tickets were sold through the Dice app, and were “limited” – a test of how scarcity works in the livestreaming arena. And?

Pollstar reports that Marling sold 4,500 tickets for the first livestream, for fans in the UK and Europe, and nearly 2,000 for a second livestream for fans in the US. That means gross revenues of around $81k, and an audience – even limited – that far outstripped Union Chapel’s physical capacity of 900 people.

Even though the streams were just unlisted YouTube videos – and thus possible for fans to share the link out to non-paying customers – as far as we could tell on the night, they chose not to.

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