Smart links market heats up with Linkfire, Beatchain, ToneDen


You wait for a news story about ‘smart links’ for music marketing to come along, then three turn up at once…

Linkfire has announced its latest conversion-data deal with a streaming service: Deezer. Artists and marketers sending fans to Deezer via Linkfire smart links will now get data like streams, follows and playlist adds to understand how their marketing spend is paying off. It’s the latest such deal for Linkfire, following similar partnerships with Pandora, Boomplay, Anghami and Apple Music. But competition is heating up in the smart links world.

Marketing and distribution company Beatchain has just launched a feature called ‘hypelinks‘, aimed at independent artists and labels. “Too many smartlink offerings have limited analytics and high running costs,” said CMO Luke Mendoza. “We saw this as a great opportunity to use our expertise with music tech to help level the playing field for independent artists.”

Meanwhile, another marketing platform, ToneDen, is launching a feature called ‘StreamLinks‘ – smart links specifically for livestreams. The company says it’ll be an easier way for artists to show fans when and where they’ll be livestreaming, and get them to RSVP for notifications. With smart links now a standard part of the music marketing toolset, it’s good to see competition like this spurring innovation.


Image by Radu Bercan /

Written by: Stuart Dredge