Without wanting to go Jerry Maguire on you, the area of music livestreams is increasingly very much a ‘Show me the money!’ thing. Both in terms of the money being chased by publishers and collecting societies for use of copyrighted works in streams, and the money being made by artists from ticket sales, tips economies and other features.

Pollstar has a good piece on one series of livestreams that’s doing pretty well on the latter of those challenges. ‘Live From Out There’ is a pay-per-view festival created by management firm 11E1even Group to help its artists (and now others) replace some of their lost live revenues during the Covid-19 pandemic. “The venture has already grossed upwards of $600,000 and moved more than 40,000 digital tickets, with revenue split between artists, the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund’s COVID-19 Fund and social justice organizations,” reported Pollstar. Some of 11E1even’s artists will now be launching spin-off virtual tours under the Live From Out There brand – also charging for tickets.

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