Vibe app promises personalised music to help your wellbeing


Canadian startup Lucid has launched its first music app, called Vibe.

The app “draws upon cognitive science, music theory, and artificial intelligence to develop a personalised profile for each user” before offering them playlists “to help you reach a mental goal”. Said goals including calm, focus, sleep, energise and ambience – the latter is a mixture of 3D binaural beats and nature sounds. In other words, it’s all about wellbeing and matching music to moods – area that has previously been explored by apps including EndelMubert and Wave, not to mention the big meditation apps like Calm and Headspace, and the mood-focused playlists on the big streaming services.

In a post on Product Hunt, Lucid CEO Zach McMahon explained that Vibe is using a neural network for its recommendations, and that the app is also “undergoing pre-clinical trials to validate music as medicine”. The business model is freemium: to access all the categories and content people will pay a monthly or annual subscription.

Written by: Stuart Dredge