In 2019, we wrote about a couple of piracy reports (here and here) that offered good news for the music industry: sharp declines in music piracy over the previous year. Now there’s another one for the list: a report from the Danish Chamber of Commerce, based on a survey of 2,000 Danes about their digital habits.

There’s some not-so-good news for the bigger picture across all content types: the number of Danes who download or stream unlicensed content has stayed relatively stable since 2018. Among younger Danes, however, it is growing – leaping from 28% two years ago to 41% now.

The bulk of illegal content was made up of movies and TV (up from 81% of respondents doing so two years ago to 85% now) but the music industry has something to celebrate here as illegal consumption of music slipped from 32% to 22%.

The Chamber Of Commerce cited the impact of Spotify and Apple music as well as bundled telco subscriptions as contributory factors in this decline.

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