Facebook expands access to fan subscriptions and ‘stars’


In March, Facebook announced that it was expanding its ‘stars’ system to musicians. Stars are its equivalent to ‘bits and cheers’ on Twitch: a system for creators to make money when people are watching their livestreams by buying virtual items in support of them.

“Fans can buy and send Stars to creators in the comments of a video. Stars are a great way to monetize live streams and get rewarded for building a loyal fan base,” as Facebook puts it in its latest announcement, which expands the system to more countries, with new tools to make it easier to thank fans for their spending.

The news comes as Facebook also expands its ‘fan subscriptions’ feature to more countries too, with page owners able to charge their superfans a monthly subscription fee, and keep 70% of the proceeds.

Facebook’s announcement also details some of its other new tools for creators, as well as advertising units designed (boycotts aside) to help livestreamers make more money from its platform.

Stuart Dredge

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