Facebook is shutting down its TikTok-inspired app Lasso


Can Facebook ‘Lasso’ teenagers with its new music app?” was the question in a Music Ally headline back in November 2018, as the social network launched a new app heavily inspired by TikTok – complete with a big (and licensed) library of music clips. Now we have the answer to our question: no it could not.

Facebook is shutting Lasso down on 10 July, and is advising users to download any of their videos that they want to keep, before it closes. It was no TikTok-killer, then, just like 2012’s Poke and 2014’s Slingshot weren’t Snapchat-killers, and Hobbi (also shutting down this week) wasn’t a Pinterest-killer. This isn’t to say Facebook didn’t learn anything useful from Lasso though: the app may have given a few lessons that will be used to take on TikTok through the social network’s bigger apps: for example the ‘Reels’ feature in Instagram which is currently being tested.

Stuart Dredge

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