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We’ve reported on Linkfire’s various partnerships to get conversion (or ‘attribution’) data from streaming services, so that music marketers can tell not just that fans tapped or clicked on smart links, but whether they streamed, followed etc afterwards.

But this isn’t an idea confined to one smart-links company. Feature·fm has just announced the addition of its own conversion and attribution features, starting with artists’ own merchandise stores, as well as from data partners Rough Trade, Anghami and Qobuz.

“The advanced attribution data we provide means you will be able to see conversion data for sales, streams and revenue after a fan clicks through to a store from one of your links,” promised the company, which is making the feature available to its Pro Artist, Pro Marketer and Enterprise customers.

The more the merrier for this kind of feature as far as Music Ally is concerned: the better the information our industry has on how their marketing campaigns and social content are translating into streaming activity, the more we’ll be able to improve what we do, and ensure time and money is being spent effectively.

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