IAB report quantifies Covid-19 hit to US podcast ad revenues


Advertising industry body the IAB has published its latest figures on the podcast ads market in the US. “With an expected growth rate of 14.7%, US podcast advertising revenues are nearing the $1bn mark,” it claimed.

Are they really, though? The report doesn’t actually give a figure for its 2020 revenue prediction, but it does for 2019: $708.1m. 14.7% growth on that would mean $812.2m of podcast advertising revenues in 2020. It’s certainly nearer to $1bn than last year, but ‘near’ seems a bit of a stretch.

The report does explain how the IAB has revised its original forecasts for the year though: it expected 29.6% growth for the US podcast ads market this year (which would have taken it to $917.7m) before the Covid-19 pandemic hoved into view, causing many ad campaigns to be put on hold.

The IAB reckons the market will bounce back with 55% growth in 2021 and 36% growth in 2022, which (again, our calculations) would suggest $1.26bn and $1.71bn respectively.

There’s more data in the report about how the market broke down in 2019: for example, music podcasts only snagged 1% of total ad revenues, well behind the leading categories of news (22%), comedy (17%) and society and culture (13%).

Stuart Dredge

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