Live concerts are opening up again in Japan and Germany


It’s important that the industry (us included) starts to move away from talking about the ‘live concerts shutdown’ as a global trend, now that a growing number of countries are tentatively opening up their live industries again.

In Japan, for example, the government has further relaxed its restrictions on mass gatherings. Having previously capped indoor events at a maximum of 1,000 people, the government has now increased that to 5,000. However, venues will not be able to exceed 50% of their capacity – so a venue that normally holds 5,000 people will still be limited to 2,500, for example.

In Germany, meanwhile, two concerts last weekend were held in Saxony with a capacity of 960 people per night, with Pollstar reporting that attendees “stood in boxes for up to four people”, with a one-way system and modified toilet units also used. Ticket prices were increased to cover the costs of these measures.

Written by: Stuart Dredge