SoundCloud’s evolution from a streaming service to a suite of distribution and related tools for artists continues. The company now has a ‘Mastering on SoundCloud‘ service, powered by Dolby.

“As the last step of your upload flow, you can make any track release-ready in minutes for one low cost per master,” promises SoundCloud. “Pick from a custom suite of mastering styles that sculpt your song’s tonal balance and dynamic range while preserving its original intent.”

The new tool costs $4.99 per track, although artists subscribing to SoundCloud’s Pro Unlimited tier will get three masters a month for free, and a discounted price of $3.99 for extra tracks.

The news puts SoundCloud into competition with Landr, which pioneered the category of automated mastering back in 2014.

Note, Landr and SoundCloud have both expanded into distribution too: Landr in 2017 when it launched a combined mastering and distribution service, and SoundCloud in 2019 via a partnership with Fuga, which it built on in 2020 with its Repost by SoundCloud “marketing and distribution engine”.

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