The International Indie Music Season (IIMS) conference and showcase is underway in China this morning. Artists and speakers from 35 countries will be talking about trends in culture, music, tech and media.

There’s also some news breaking at the event: a new “one-stop copyright registration window” service being launched by the Chinese government, with partners, to support copyrighted music.

It’ll include a free copyright registration service for independent music in mainland China, to help musicians register their works, but there will also be an ‘Independent Musician Service Plan’ created, offering free distribution services for independent artists and labels to get their music onto more than 300 digital services globally – including the key Chinese DSPs.

This distribution will be provided by Chinese service companies rather than the government, we should stress. The service plan will also provide musicians with “human, legal, finance and tax” support, and there are also plans to use blockchain technology to create its database of works, to track royalties and infringement alike.

IIMS continues today through Sunday (17-19 July), and can be freely watched on YouTubeFacebookTwitch and Periscope in the west, as well as all major Chinese video platforms (Huya and Bilibili for example).

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