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If you’re hearing Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ a lot this month, it might be because there’s a campaign underway with a cover of the track that includes several Marley family members, to raise money for Unicef’s Covid-19 children’s relief work.

The new track, ‘One Love (Amplified)‘, is out today. There’s also a TikTok challenge to promote the track and campaign, called #OneLoveOneHeart.

TikTok users are being asked to post videos using the song’s chorus, revealing who or what their ‘one love’ is, while nominating five other people to continue the chain – and donating to Unicef.

There’s also going to be a ‘One Love Livestream Show’ on Unicef’s TikTok account tomorrow (18 July) including the first video performance of the reworked track, and use of TikTok’s donations feature to drum up more money for Unicef’s campaign.

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