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We sometimes use ‘fight’ and ‘battle’ metaphors when talking about the music streaming market. Well, you wouldn’t want to get into a scrap with the latest entrant into that market.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the popular mixed martial arts organisation, and now it’s launched its own music streaming app: UFC Ultimate Sound. It’s the result of a deal with music firm ACX Music, promising UFC-themed mixes and content from its roster of fighters. B2B digital music firm Tuned Global is the provider of the technology that’s being used for the app.

“UFC Ultimate Sound is packed with mixes for every type of workout, party or just for fun – all inspired by UFC and fighters on its roster. Fans can follow UFC fighters and get a taste for their music preferences,” as the announcement put it.

The app is available for Android and for iOS, although the launch is geographically limited so far – with a 14-day free trial before a subscription kicks in.

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