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TikTok’s parent company ByteDance test-launched its Resso music streaming app in India and Indonesia last year – we put it through its paces in December, ahead of its formal launch in India in March 2020.

Unlike TikTok, Resso escaped the recent ban on apps of Chinese origin in India, but how is it doing? News site Quartz has some stats courtesy of mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower.

It claims that Resso did nearly 3m installs in India in June, and that having seen sharp month-on-month growth that month and in May, it has now been installed 10.6m times in total globally. Around 74% of those downloads are from India.

One reason for this growth is surely ByteDance’s move in mid-May to start promoting Resso within TikTok in India, with shortcuts to the former app to listen to full songs when they are used in people’s video clips.

“As a way of putting Resso in front of 200 million monthly active users in India – that’s TikTok’s estimated audience there – it’s a smart move,” we wrote at the time.

However, it’s a smart move since neutralised by the ban. TikTok hasn’t just been removed from app stores in India, it’s stopped working even for people who’d previously installed it. Resso’s figures for July will make interesting reading, but at least (from ByteDance’s perspective) it’s still available in India – for now.

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