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KKBOX Group and Bitmark’s Open Letter to Beatmakers” may be slightly over-egging the pudding of what’s basically the launch of a new licensing platform.

The letter, from Taiwan-headquartered digital music firm KKBox Group’s group chief content officer and rights tech company Bitmark’s CEO, is announcing OurBeat, which in fairness is an interesting thing.

“Anyone who registers their beats with our app can freely sample and remix beats from other OurBeat creators,” they explain. “Those beats are streamed on OurBeat Radio – free of cost for anyone to listen to, free of cost for anyone to contribute to. A constant 24/7 ad-free stream created by you and the OurBeat community.”

But those beats can be sold too, with KKBox and Bitmark promising to make the licensing side of things easy and transparent. Bitmark’s website has some more information on that.

“When a beat maker uses the app to sell a beat, the Bitmark Protocol secures the provenance by recording essential information about the beat and beat maker. The beat maker can then share the listing over social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram,” it explains.

“When a buyer purchases a beat, a legal contract is created between the beat maker and the buyer. If the buyer turns the beat into a song, they key the song’s ISRC code back into OurBeat’s app and OurBeat will help collect and distribute royalties to all collaborators of the beat and derivative beat.”

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