Roposo, Zili and Dubsmash capitalising on TikTok India ban


We know that TikTok’s ban in India has led to a spike in downloads of rival apps, many of them homegrown. Now analytics firm Sensor Tower has offered some figures to quantify that spike.

It reckons that three of the key apps, Roposo, Zili and Dubsmash, saw their first-time installs grow by 155% in the three weeks following the ban in June.

“Since the ban, Roposo, Zili, and Dubsmash have collectively generated 21.8 million downloads in India, reaching 13 percent of TikTok’s installs in the country for the first half of 2020,” it explained. By its calculations, Roposo has now been installed 71m times since its launch, while Zili has 51m installs and Dubsmash 30.4m.

We’ve written about Roposo’s growth spike recently: earlier this month it was reportedly “peaking at 500,000 new users an hour” – although Sensor Tower’s stats suggest that this peak was very short.

The report also highlights Dubsmash’s continued relevance. It was a lip-synching app craze back in 2015 before seeing TikTok steal its thunder, but relaunched in 2017 and raised new funding in 2019 as part of its comeback.

Written by: Stuart Dredge