Noah Cyrus’s new video was made using PS4 game Dreams


Shooting music videos is possible but challenging within the social distancing measures of this Covid-19 pandemic. The latest example of an artist getting a creative way around those barriers is Noah Cyrus, as part of the ‘A Sony Collaboration‘ series of projects.

You may remember we wrote about a Nicky Jam TikTok video created through the scheme earlier this year. The idea is to connect Sony Music artists with tech from the wider Sony empire, and in Noah Cyrus’s case that means a PlayStation 4 game called Dreams.

Well, it’s more a creative application really: a tool that people can use to make their own games. Or, as it turns out, music videos. A team pulled together by Dreams developer Media Molecules built the music video for Cyrus’s ‘July’, with a separate behind-the-scenes video showing how they did it.

Written by: Stuart Dredge