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Research firm Nielsen Music/MRC Data has been diligently surveying music fans on their Covid-19 entertainment habits in recent months. This week, the sixth release of its study has been published.

Among the updated findings: there’s been a jump both in the percentage of people who’ve added a new subscription streaming service (from 31% in early June to 42% in early July) AND who’ve cancelled a subscription streaming service (from 33% to 40%).

The question covered entertainment generally, so video streaming as well as music streaming. Of those people who’ve added one or more streaming subscriptions, 79% said they’d added a video service; 56% a music service; and 17% a gaming service.

The study has also found growing interest in watching livestreams and virtual concerts. 25% have watched one in the last fortnight – up from 22% the previous month – while 44% are likely to in the next two weeks (up from 37%). There’s more in the study here.

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