muse simulation theory

Muse’s live shows are famously spectacular when it comes to the staging, so it’s no surprise that the band’s new concert film is out of the ordinary too.

Drawn from their ‘Simulation Theory’ tour in 2019, it will be released to IMAX cinemas on 17 August in full wraparound vision – yes, there’ll be lots of social distancing and sanitation at those venues – with a pair of deluxe box-sets with items including VHS-style packaging, fluorescent pink cassettes and a jacket, wooden-sunglasses and facemask combo.

What’s more, this autumn will see the launch of ‘Muse’s Simulation Theory: Virtual Experience’ by VR startup Stageverse. It’ll blend 360-degree footage from one of the shows on the 2019 tour with a virtual concert venue for fans to explore, including meeting one another as avatars, and buying virtual merchandise.

Stageverse has published a trailer showing off the virtual venue to whet fans’ appetites.

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