We’re big fans of famous artists being given spurious job titles as part of partnerships with tech companies, dating back to the glory days of Lady Gaga as Polaroid creative director and Will·I·Am as director of creative innovation at Intel.

But perhaps meditation app Headspace really did need a ‘chief music officer’ and John Legend happened to shine the brightest in the interview process.

Enough snark though: even if Legend misses the daily Zoom meeting, it’s an interesting partnership. He’ll be working with the company’s new Headspace Studios division, tasked with “creating and distributing mindful living content” for the app, which has more than 65 million users.

In his statement, Legend promised that he’ll be “bringing some of my friends in the music industry along with me for the ride”, so that’s one way he’ll be earning his company bonus.

The news came as Headspace launched a new ‘Focus’ mode in its app, which includes 12 different music ‘stations’ with playlists focusing on specific genres and themes. Legend will be curating a Focus playlist composed by a different artist each month.

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