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A group of music export organisations across the world are launching a global matchmaking service that will see artists promoting one another to their respective fanbases.

It’s called Global Music Match, and 96 artists from 14 countries are taking part. The co-founders are Sounds Australia, Showcase Scotland Expo and Canada’s East Coast Music Association, working with 11 other export bodies and showcase events.

It’s a clever idea too: the artists have been organised into 16 teams, each with an expert ‘coach’, and two artists from the same country can’t be on the same team.

“Each week, across multiple posts, artists will ‘introduce’ one act from their team, engaging with them on social media to promote them to their fanbase. This is reciprocated for everyone involved,” explained Sounds Australia, whose export music producer Glenn Dickie is the ‘coach of the coaches’ for the initiative.

“It’s been incredibly rewarding having such a simple idea of connecting artists from Australia and Scotland grow into something global with nearly 100 acts from around the world involved,” he said.

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