Image by Andrea Barsanti (CC BY 2.0)

Neil Young has had a storied history with streaming platforms. In 2015, he pulled all his music from a number of them because of his dislike of the streaming services’ audio quality. A few years later, he made some provocative (and a few inaccurate) statements about how he saw various tech giants not rewarding musicians fairly. In the meantime, he launched not one, but two hi-res music services, Xstream and Pono, and his own $1.99-per-month official music archives.

He’s now comfortable collaborating with tech giants and with the streaming quality they offer, as he’s releasing his new EP on Amazon Music HD, the platform’s premium-quality tier, with some tracks exclusive to the platform. His The Times EP, streamed in the lossless FLAC format, is a welcome addition to the catalogue of hi-res music, where songs available in the format now number around 3 million

Image by Andrea Barsanti (CC BY 2.0)

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