Another day, another artist reaching a carefully-targeted audience via an app that isn’t a social network or DSP.

Gen Z favourite Declan McKenna collaborated with music teaching app Yousician to connect with his fans via a private livestream and, perhaps more interestingly, via some lessons from the man himself.

The thinking is simple: if you use Yousician to learn guitar, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of the likeable anti-establishment singer-songwriter too, and you’ll feel more connected to McKenna in a space that’s special to you – a music learning app – than on a standard livestream or Youtube video.

McKenna made videos of himself teaching his guitar parts to two of his songs, “Daniel, You’re Still A Child” and “Beautiful Faces”, available to subscribers.

It’s another example of an artist zeroing in on the characteristics of their fanbase and giving them what they want: increased interactivity and closeness to an artist – in a platform they use to be more like their hero.

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Joe Sparrow

Joe SparrowEditor

Editor, Music Ally

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