Rock behemoths Muse have created two crypto-collectibles – characters called Marty and Mibbles taken from recent album ‘Simulation Theory’ – which are digitally-scarce collectibles that fans can buy and show off. They’ve partnered with Cryptokitties, a blockchain-powered platform for selling and buying virtual, limited edition animals.

If your eyebrows have just risen somewhere north of your head, consider that the average price of these collectables is $58, and at the time of writing, Muse’s first kitty, Marty, is trading at a minimum of 0.48 ETH (just under $200).

Virtual merch may sound like “vapourware” but is, in a financial sense, very real. We recently profiled Fanaply, a platform that allows fans to secure virtual, digitally-scarce collectables. Fans can get collectibles by being one of the first to follow an artist, attend a show, or wait for hours for a video to drop. The appeal of these virtual items are the same as limited edition physical items: proof of fandom.

WMG has already invested in Dapper Labs, who founded the Cryptokitties platform, because fans are proving to be happy to do what it takes to secure them – and in this instance, Muse’s fans are eager to spend cold, hard, virtual cash.

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