PlaylistSupply helps managers and artists research playlists


A new tool to help managers and artists research Spotify playlists appears to be picking up some steam.

PlaylistSupply was launched by a manager, Benji Stein, as a way for his peers to search for Spotify playlists relevant to their artist’s genre (or other search keywords), see their public data, and find contacts – email addresses included – for the curators of those playlists.

The pitch to potential users is also about avoiding playlist scams elsewhere. “Never pay for playlists with bot streams or for outdated curator contacts again,” as the website puts it.

“While many people pay for outdated contact lists or fake bot followers to boost playlist stats, our tool lets you easily build your own contact list of organic playlists without extensive researching.”

The business model is subscription: PlaylistSupply charges $19.99 a month.

Stuart Dredge

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  • Zachary says:

    Been using this tool for months and wow its insanely effective. I love this music blog and im really happy you guys discovered it. Its crazy more indie artists are not in the know about this tool.

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