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There have been growing complaints about copycat podcasts uploaded through Spotify’s Anchor app. That means taking other people’s podcasts and re-uploading them – often with the same artwork – as your own, in the hope of snagging some advertising revenues before you get caught.

Now Anchor is cracking down on it. “This is definitely a new type of attack for Anchor,” co-founder Mike Mignano told The Verge.

“The good news is that so many creators are using Anchor, and that growth has been far more than I think we projected, which is great, but I think the downside in this case is that, with any rapidly growing platform, that has brought on some growing pains and we need to do a better job of anticipating things like this.”

He added that Anchor is tightening up its approvals process for podcasts uploaded using its app to be monetised, to ensure that copycats can’t make money.

In separate news, Anchor’s parent company has hired Hollywood exec Jean Chi to be Spotify’s new global head of podcast business affairs.

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