As if TikTok didn’t have enough things to worry about, here’s a new digital thing called ‘LipSync by YouTube‘. Or perhaps not a worry just yet: it’s just an experiment using Google’s artificial intelligence technology.

“This Ai-powered challenge rates how closely your lip syncing matches the song. Using Google’s AI technology, TensorFlow·js detects landmarks on your face using machine learning running in the browser,” explains the site.

“You’ll need to use your device’s camera but everything is processed on your machine. No facial data will be sent to Google.”

The demo is using a clip of one song, ‘Dance Monkey’ by Tones and I (or should we say: Tones and AI?) and gives you a star rating for the quality of your miming once you’re done.

It’s interesting, and is an official YouTube-branded thing, but for now just an experiment rather than the harbinger of a new lip-syncing feature for YouTube Music itself.

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