Songtrust and Highvibes want to get African songwriters paid


One of the most interesting things about the African music industries in 2020 is the way their structures – from artist deals to distribution to royalty pipelines – are being constructed at a rapid pace.

All the while learning from what’s in place elsewhere in the world, which doesn’t always mean copying them.

The latest partnership of note in this area is between Songtrust and Highvibes, the latter being a distributor and publisher based in Ghana and Nigeria.

The deal will see Songtrust powering a new music publishing administration service for Highvibes. The news follows a survey conducted by Highvibes in November 2019, which it said found that 95% of songwriters and producers in Africa were ‘unpublished’.

It’s ambitious to change that. “Our partnership with Songtrust provides us the ability to publish countless African music rights holders for years to come, which has been estimated to exceed more than one million by 2030,” said Highvibes CEO Gbolahan Mathias.

Stuart Dredge

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