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Spotify launched its Daily Mix playlists in 2016 as a collection of personalised playlists based on different ‘clusters’ of a listener’s musical tastes. Now it looks like YouTube Music is launching a similar feature.

Tech blog Android Police reported on some users seeing up to seven new ‘My Mix’ playlists, each seemingly based on a different genre or group of related artists.

They’re sitting within the ‘Mixed for You’ shelf on the service alongside ‘Your Mix’ (an endless personalised stream covering all genres) as well as ‘Discover Mix’ and ‘New Release Mix’.

In the process of writing this story our editor logged in to YouTube Music and found five of his own My Mix playlists: one with artists including the Chemical Brothers, Beastie Boys and Blur; another with the likes of Dua Lipa, Janelle Monáe, Beyoncé; another with Norah Jones, Laura Marling and Yola… and so on.

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