Boomy is the startup that lets anyone sign up and create music using its AI tool – and then release it to streaming services.

We’ve covered the company regularly (this profile for example), and now the company has launched a major update to its platform.

That includes an expansion of its free tier: “Starting today, all features related to music creation on boomy are free, and free accounts can earn revenue from up to 5 releases, no upgrades required,” announced the company.

Boomy’s site has also been redesigned – including a new ‘mobile-first’ emphasis so it’s easier on a phone – with improved production techniques among “hundreds” of improvements to the technology itself.

Oh, and vocals: not AI-generated vocals, but the option to rap or sing a vocal line over the top of tracks generated by Boomy.

There’s also an ‘Auto-Vocal’ feature to upload any ‘spoken or non-pitched audio’ and have it automatically chopped up, tuned and layered in to a song.

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