Manager and investor Scooter Braun appeared at the Fast Company Innovation Festival this week, and had plenty to say on the music industry’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“With all this time, we are creating new lanes that didn’t exist before. When you talk about your work life, I always tell people . . . build time into your schedule where there is nothing, so you can innovate,” said Braun.

“This [Covid-19] is forcing the entire industry to innovate right now. I would also add that it’s allowing people to make music. A lot of artists love to make music, but then they have to go on the road and all the demands of the industry start pulling on them. It takes away the ability to be creative in the moment. Some of the best music I’ve ever heard [is] being made by artists who are sitting at home in their home studios, being creative, because they have this free time.”

He also had some tart words for the bosses of large music companies. “The heads of these companies should be docking their own pay before they start furloughing people and firing people… We stand on the backs of these people and I think now is the time to step up.”

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