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Investment bank Piper Sandler publishes a semi-annual study of US teenagers – 9,800 of them for its latest drop. It covers all kinds of topics, from social and political issues to favoured brands, but digital habits are also included.

The big news from the latest study is the claim that TikTok has just overtaken Instagram to become the second-ranked social media platform for teenagers in the US, although the top dog remains Snapchat.

We should be clear about what’s being claimed here: this is about teens’ favourite platforms: so rather than raw user numbers, it’s about how many cite TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat as their favourite.

Many, of course, will be using two or all three of them. 34% said Snapchat was their bae (in platform terms) ahead of 29% who said TikTok and 25% who said Instagram.

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