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Earlier this month, Music Ally teamed up with British industry body the BPI for an online event called ‘Feeling Good’ about the intersection of music, fitness/wellbeing and technology.

Now we’ve published a tie-in report, which you can download for free here. In it, we’ve explored some of the companies who’ve been innovating in these areas, from Peloton and Calm to Weav Music, FitXR, Headspace and more.

We’ve also looked at the playlist ecosystems emerging around fitness and wellbeing on streaming services; explained ‘gymfluencers’ and their musical activities; and reported on the views of 7digital and a panel of experts (WMG’s Scott Cohen, CrossBorderWorks Consulting’s Vickie Nauman and Sound Media Ventures’ Shachar Oren) convened at the event. Enjoy!

Music Ally’s next Learn Live webinar will help you understand what’s required for artists to thrive in new international markets!

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