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Apple Music is pushing all the boats out for the release of Bruce Springsteen’s 20th studio album ‘Letter to You’.

There’ll be a week of radio shows on its new Apple Music Hits station, plus an album listening party and live Q&A, and a documentary on the Apple TV+ service, which drops on Friday alongside the album.

It’s a big push, and a reminder that Apple Music is now very keen on the classic/heritage audience. Which, we guess, is a category that Gorillaz might also fall into now, although if we’re dividing these things up by station, they’re still an Apple Music 1 artist rather than just Apple Music Hits.

Apple is launching a four-part monthly series called Song Machine Radio on its flagship station – hour-long programmes with interviews, music and cartoon banter leading up to the release of the group’s new album ‘Song Machine: Season One’ (an interesting project in itself, in the way its tracks have been released over the year to date).

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