Grimes teams up with Endel to create an ‘AI Lullaby’


Startup Endel made its name with technology generating AI music to suit people’s moods and activities. Now it has announced a partnership with a high-profile human artist: Grimes. They’ve worked together on an ‘AI Lullaby’ that will be featured in Endel’s iOS and Mac apps until 23 December. Later this year it will also be made available in Endel’s Android app and Alexa skill.

The collaboration involves Grimes working with Endel to “produce personalised sounds in real-time that are infused with her original music and vocals”, with the promise that those sounds are “scientifically engineered to improve both sleep and wellness in children and adults”. Specifically, Grimes created the music and vocals sounds as stems, which Endel’s tech is then processing to generate the music. Endel says that this is the first of a series of such partnerships. “Expect more limited edition soundscapes with like-minded artists.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge