Surprisingly, a whizzy augmented reality performance including a virtual star zooming onto the stage on a motorbike *wasn’t* the strangest sight for western viewers of the League of Legends World Championship opening ceremony this weekend.

For those of us in countries where the live industry is still shut down, an event with more than 6,000 fans physically present was enough of an uncanny valley. But yes, AR: the event saw the live return of KD/A, the avatars-plus-humans group created by League of Legends’ publisher Riot Games.

CG star Akali entered on a Ducati; Chinese pop star Lexie Liu provided the vocals for another of Riot’s avatar pop stars roster, Seraphine; and ended with what we pros in the AR live events trade call a Bloody Great Big Monster looming over the stage (specifically, one of the game’s champions (characters) Galio. It’s quite the performance, and can be watched in full here, while there’s some information about how it was created here.

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