We suspect that Donald Trump’s mind isn’t really on the proposed ban of TikTok in the US right now: he has bigger priorities this week. But remember: even if he loses the US presidential election (not to mention accepting the result) the handover won’t come until mid-January, so TikTok’s US status could well become a firestorm again this year.

There is some news on that proposed ban today, and it’s not good for the administration. A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction against the bans that were due to go into effect on 12 November if TikTok had not been sold to a US entity. The case was actually brought by three TikTokers, citing any such ban as preventing them from earning a living.

All eyes on the administration’s next move – which seems likely to happen against the backdrop of a bitter post-election fight, whatever the initial vote counts say tomorrow.

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