Taylor Swift fans celebrate as block on re-recordings ends


Remember in August 2019, when Taylor Swift talked about when the block on her re-recording her back catalogue would elapse?

“My contract says that starting November 2020, so next year, I can record albums one through five all over again,” said Swift at the time. “I’m very excited about it. I just think that artists deserve to own their own work.”

And now here we are in November 2020, and Swift’s fans certainly haven’t forgotten. Cue a #TaylorIsFree hashtag all over Twitter and Instagram.

Swift herself has yet to comment (she’s focusing on getting the vote out in the US this week). If and when she re-records the albums, which range from her eponymous debut in 2006 to ‘1989’ in 2014, it’ll be fascinating to watch.

First, to see whether they’ll be note-for-note recordings or updated musically (and lyrically?), and second, to see what the release strategy is. Not to mention the impact on the existing recordings.

Stuart Dredge

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