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In February this year, Google’s experimental division Area 120 launched something called Demand, in partnership with Pollstar.

It was a live-music analytics tool promising “actionable, real-time analytics facilitating better planning, pricing, marketing and sponsorship of live events through data in four key areas: trends, pricing, announcements and insights”.

Which sounded good, right up until the live music industry shut down in many parts of the world due to Covid-19 shortly afterwards, meaning very few events to provide such data.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, Demand is now being shut down.

“Although we’re extremely proud of what we have built, we have decided to discontinue the project,” explained an email to users, reported by 9 to 5 Google. “We are so grateful that you signed up to be a user and we hope you enjoyed what we created, even if for a short time.”

Perhaps the project will at some point reappear within its parent company’s other platforms – it might be an interesting fit for YouTube Music’s analytics for example.

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