Spotify to host ‘Tokyo Super Hits Live 2020’ livestream concert


With Apple Music hosting livestream events with artists and Amazon Music forging ever-closer links with sister company Twitch, the integration of livestreaming and audio streaming is a trend we’re keeping an eye on.

Now look to Japan, where Spotify is hosting a livestreamed concert on 26 November based on its ‘Tokyo Super Hits’ playlist.

The event will feature Japanese stars including Arashi, Perfume, End of The World and Alexandros, as well as emerging artists. Tickets for the concert will cost ¥3,500 (around $33.33) and the partner platform is Streaming+ – which is run by ticketing company Eplus.

Tokyo Super Hits Live 2020‘ will stream both within Japan and in other countries, including the US. This isn’t yet Spotify hosting livestreamed concerts within its own platform, but it could be seen as an experimental step in that direction.

Stuart Dredge

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