More than 21m players have used AI music app Splash on Roblox


AI music startup Popgun launched its Splash music-making app on gaming platform Roblox in May, and saw it used by more than one million players in its first 20 days. How’s it going now? Still strong.

“Wow, over 21M players have now made music with Splash!” tweeted Popgun boss Stephen Phillips this weekend. “55K kids performed on stage for the first time yesterday.”

Splash is interesting partly because it’s one of the most consumer-friendly applications of AI music technology – Popgun’s system has created all the beats and loops in the app – and also because on Roblox it’s being used by a large audience of children.

Since launch, the game has expanded: a recent update added a revamped ‘Sub Zero 2.0’ venue, refreshed its dancing game, and added elements that involve taking photos of “famous DJs and hidden treasures” on the virtual Splash island.

Written by: Stuart Dredge