‘Profound disrespect’ – ECSA attacks Spotify’s Discovery Mode


The brickbats keep flying for Spotify over the recent announcement of its ‘Discovery Mode’ for boosting selected tracks in its radio and autoplay features, in return for a lower royalty rate.

This time it’s the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) putting the boot in.

“Spotify’s suggestion to promise more exposure in exchange of lower royalty rates shows once more its profound disrespect to the community of creators who struggle to make a living,” claimed ECSA in a statement published yesterday.

“Music creators are at the very source of all music on Spotify and have effectively subsidised its lack of a proper business model for years. They should not be financing yet another broken idea and deserve more respect from this company, whose current model prevents an overwhelming majority of them to make a living.”

ECSA wants European policymakers to take note. “We encourage them to engage in critical assessment on the functioning of music streaming services including on the tools (such as playlists) they provide…”

Written by: Stuart Dredge