BandLab adds ‘Sounds’ library of royalty-free music samples


There’s a decent business in selling beats, loops and samples to musicians – and growing appeal to artists and producers capable of producing that content.

Splice paid out $11m in royalties to sound creators in the first nine months of 2020, while BeatStars reached $70m of lifetime payouts in April, then $85m in July.

Now BandLab is expanding its activity in the space by launching BandLab Sounds, a free (and royalty-free) library of samples which it’s making available beyond its own music creation tools. “Every sample is royalty-free, unlimited and completely free to use. There are no monthly subscription fees, no caps on downloads or restrictions on quality,” the company announced. Disruptive, although we wonder what the musicians who’ve been making money from premium samples on those other platforms will make of it.

Stuart Dredge

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